How to Choose the Medical Speech Recognition Solution That’s Right for You

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What are your speech recognition needs?

Currently there are multiple speech recognition solutions geared towards the medical industry. Each differs somewhat and offers a variety of features that present both strengths and weaknesses depending upon your individual needs. Choosing which solution best suits your needs can be daunting.

To help determine what’s most important to you in a medical speech recognition solution, here are seven questions you should consider:

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  1. Will you need support from IT to run and manage it?
  2. Will the solution travel with you where you need to work?
  3. How accurate is it?
  4. Can it be used on a Mac as well as a PC?
  5. Does it need to support reporting templates and macros as well as dictation?
  6. Is the price affordable? Will you need to invest in a long-term contract?
  7. Do you want to try it before purchasing?

Once you’ve defined what exactly your needs are, choosing the right solution is simple. As an example, let’s look at the case of Dr. Jeffrey Gersbach.

Dr. Gersbach works with the Epic EHR in a variety of hospitals as a locum tenens ED physician. He was seeking an HIPAA compliant medical speech recognition solution that could be used alongside Epic in a variety of locations, without the need for integration or IT support. Accuracy was of extreme importance. Additionally, he wanted the ability to create custom templates, macros, and emulate keystrokes to better leverage Epic’s “SmartPhrases.”

As Dr. Gersbach began evaluating the various solutions on the market, he realized that he also wanted to be able to test the software himself, using his own voice, for accuracy before purchasing. Whatever solution he chose also had to be affordable, without a long-term commitment.

Given Dr. Gersbach’s criteria, particularly the need for portability and zero integration, it became clear that a standard off-the-shelf solution or one tied to a specific local network would not meet the bar. That, along with all his other criteria, made it obvious that the best choice for Dr. Gersbach was a cloud-based solution that leveraged modern speech recognition technology and easily supported workflow automations like SmartPhrases. That solution was SayIt from nVoq.

Within days of getting started with SayIt, Dr. Gersbach cut the amount of time spent documenting patient encounters by 50%. He was also able to use SayIt alongside Epic in a variety of locations without ever losing his voice profile, which is stored securely in the cloud along with his customized templates and macros. This is a huge help as Dr. Gersbach does not have to worry about synchronizing his profile or having it become corrupted.   He also has access to his voice-powered SmartPhrases wherever he works, without the need to copy or re-install.

“While I’ve been a power user of other speech recognition products previously, ultimately SayIt has proven to be the most accurate, portable, and flexible option for me”, says Dr. Gersbach.

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