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The bottom line is you need complete and accurate documentation for every single patient. By simplifying the process, it's easier to get there. When people are charting at night, they're working over time, they're behind. In my experience, that's when the gaps occur. And one of the big motivators for me, as the CEO of this organization, is to set up the team for success, which means that they're going to help the organization be successful in its outcomes and its initiatives with compliance.
Tim Meadows, CEO of Snowline Hospice

Quality and compliance are addressed at the point of documentation.

Reducing denials and maintaining revenue integrity means less re-work and costly delays. nVoq’s speech recognition solutions enable higher quality narrative notes that are more detailed and capture more of the required information at the time of documentation. Here’s one example of how much the quality of hospice patient narratives improved with nVoq’s speech recognition solution at Amedisys:

You can learn more about the results that were realized at Amedisys by reading the full Amedisys Voice Impact Study.

...what the physicians capture in their narrative is critical to every other aspect of what follows downstream with the patient record.“
Dr. Abi Katz, VP and Executive Medical Director at Amedisys

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Annual Savings Realized: $[item-207_price]

Number of clinicians using nVoq Speech Recognition Solutions : [item-235_quantity]

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National Average Annual Salary$71,000

Assumed Burden Rate (e.g. benefits, etc…): 1.32

Productive Weeks per Year: 48

Hours Worked per Week: 40

Days Worked per Week: 5

Patient Visits per Day: 6

Reduced Documentation Time per Visit: 5 min.

Proven Savings

Number of Clinicians using nVoq[item-235_quantity]

Fully Burdened Clinician/Annually: $[item-210_price]

Cost per minute: $[item-211_price]

Minutes Saved per Week: 150 min.

Savings Value Realized per Week: $[item-208_price]

ANNUAL SAVINGS: $[item-207_price]



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Minutes saved per week with nVoq Speech Recognition Solutions (based on nVoq client data)


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Before using speech to text to document care, our clinicians were typing hours’ worth of documentation for our patients. Since our deployment, we’ve measured the time savings. On average, our clinicians are documenting admissions 30 minutes faster. Multiply that by the number of admissions a clinician documents in a day, and that’s a significant time savings.
Jamie Brown, Vice President of Home Services at Eden Health

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