Expanding our Strategic Partnership with Axxess

nVoq’s speech recognition solutions now available to ContinuLink and Suncoast Clients.

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Expanding our Strategic Partnership with Axxess

Amedisys and nVoq

Learn how nVoq’s speech recognition solutions made an impact and helped Amedisys realize an ROI.

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Amedisys and nVoq

“I'm using nVoq and I got my life back.”

Restore clinician satisfaction and find a new recruitment and retention strategy.

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“I'm using nVoq and I got my life back.”

The case for speech recognition

has never been stronger for in-home healthcare.

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The case for speech recognition

Listen in as...

Scott Pattillo, Chief Strategy Officer of HCHB, discusses the increasing demand for home-based care and how to keep the focus on the patient.

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Listen in as...

Maxwell Healthcare Associates

team up with nVoq to provide superior technology solutions to home healthcare providers.

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Maxwell Healthcare Associates

Talking is faster than typing... our users prove it everyday!

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Dictations converted to text
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Words transcribed using medically focused vocabularies
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Minutes saved every month

Trusted Industry Partner

nVoq is leading the in-home healthcare market by providing speech recognition solutions that speed reimbursement and improve the clinician experience by reducing the documentation burden.

Our focus is providing clinicians a better way to capture the patient’s story across any narrative notes. We offer a voice recognition solution that becomes a valuable tool in improving communication through documentation all without the burden of more typing and data entry.

Clinicians can simply tell the patient story and it is captured. By enabling clinicians with a secure, HIPAA compliant, efficient, and easy way to document, we give them more time to care and simultaneously close gaps in documentation integrity by improving quality. These outcomes positively impact revenue, clinician satisfaction, and patient care.

Customer outcomes prove the impact of nVoq’s speech recognition across the enterprise. Learn more about how speech recognition impacts each area below.

Improve clinician satisfaction and patient care

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A technology solution with a strong ROI

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Cloud-based, and enterprise ready

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Hear directly from our partners the impact our speech recognition is having on their organizations and clinicians.

St. Croix Hospice


Eden Health

Maxwell Healthcare Associates

Addison County Home Health & Hospice



    nVoq has partnered and integrated our speech recognition solutions with the leading post-acute EHRs. Purposely built to support home health and hospice use cases and workflows, we have improved the documentation completeness, timeliness, and quality. See how easy it is to use.


    A voice solution for Windows

    See how quickly and easily we can get your clinicians up and running.

    A voice solution for Android

    Speed and accuracy: Our solution has home health and hospice specific vocabulary.

    Finally, a technology solution with a clear ROI!


    Easily estimate time and financial savings you can achieve by adding medically relevant speech recognition to your clinician’s workflow!

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    Annual Savings Realized: $[item-13_price]

    Number of clinicians using nVoq Speech Recognition Solutions : [item-172_quantity]

    Slide to see the savings


    National Average Annual Salary$71,000

    Assumed Burden Rate (e.g. benefits, etc…): 1.32

    Productive Weeks per Year: 48

    Hours Worked per Week: 40

    Days Worked per Week: 5

    Patient Visits per Day: 6

    Reduced Documentation Time per Visit: 5 min.

    Proven Savings

    Number of Clinicians using nVoq: [item-172_quantity]

    Fully Burdened Clinician/Annually: $[item-16_price]

    Cost per Minute: $[item-17_price]

    Minutes Saved per Week per Clinician: 150 min.

    Savings Value Realized per Week: $[item-14_price]

    ANNUAL SAVINGS: $[item-13_price]

    TOTAL MINUTES SAVED WEEKLY: [item-48_price]


    Burden Rate reference (https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/ecec.pdf)

    Minutes saved per week with nVoq Speech Recognition Solutions (based on nVoq client data)


    Description Information Quantity Price
    Discount :
    Total :

    BrandySparkman-BeierleJason Banks sits down with Brandy Sparkman-Beierle, Chief Clinical Officer at Homecare Homebase, to discuss the challenges clinicians face in telling the complete patient story—arguably one of the most valuable activities a clinician does during their day—as well as how these clinicians are leveraging technology to do so to ensure patients are getting the best care possible.

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