Listen in as Chad Hiner, nVoq, and Dr. Abi Katz, Amedisys, discuss how speech recognition is a game-changer in the home health and hospice industries. nVoq continues to provide innovative speech-to-text solutions to solve key agency challenges.


Amedisys and nVoq presented outcomes from speech recognition study at PALTC23 Conference

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The results that Dr. Abi Katz, VP and Executive Medical Director, Amedisys, presented at this years PALTC23 Conference highlighted a year long study on the impact of nVoq's Speech Recognition Solutions on their clinicians and their overall operations.

The key improvements that are featured in the study focused on the quality of the hospice patient narrative when using speech recognition versus manually typing the narrative which included a 39% increase of the use of prognostic statements, a 35% improvement of statements describing disease progression, and a 10% increase in quality palliative performance scale statements.   

We were excited by the measurable outcomes we captured during the study.  We understand the operational and financial burden that documentation places on hospice agencies and we wanted to adopt a solution that demonstrated significant improvements while not increasing the burden on physicians and clinicians.”
Dr. Abi Katz, DO, MS, HMDC, Vice President, Executive Medical Director HSP
to nVoq?

There was a disconnect that needed to be addressed. Even though Dr. Amy Moss, Senior Vice President of Hospice Clinical Operations at Amedisys wasn’t looking for a voice recognition solution, she knew there was a problem that needed to be solved. Hear how she answered the question “What led you to nVoq?”

Customer Spotlight

Dr. Moss from Amedisys answers the question.

“nVoq isn’t using healthcare or medical terminology—it’s using hospice terminology that is unique to this space. That’s really powerful.”

Dr. Abi Katz, Amedisys, VP and Executive Medical Director

“The increase in efficiency that our physicians have achieved has given them better work life balance. The result is improved provider satisfaction.”

Dr. Amy Moss, Amedisys, SVP of Hospice Clinical Operations

Studying the impact of voice recognition at Amedisys
In 2022 Amedisys and nVoq published a detailed assessment of the impact of voice recognition within Amedisys’ hospice workflow.  The results proved that the downstream impact of positively impacting the documentation burden experienced by clinicians are powerful.

Download the entire Voice Impact Study that highlights the results from the nVoq and Amedisys partnership. See how speech recognition can impact clinician efficiency, satisfaction, and truly impact the documentation challenge.

We are focused on employee engagement – giving our clinicians the tools that allow them to gain efficiencies, have work-life balance, and enable them to provide the best patient care.

Part of the challenge of introducing any new tool or technology is the potential impact it may have on your clinicians. You have to balance any potential short-term pain with the anticipated return on that investment. In the case of nVoq, we knew many of our clinicians wanted to use speech recognition with PointCare on the Android tablet, but a lot of them had never used this kind of technology before, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect.

Turns out that nVoq was really easy to use because it was designed to work seamlessly with PointCare and the Samsung tablet experience–reducing the learning curve. Our clinicians are reducing documentation time and improving the quality of their patient notes–we’re leveraging our existing technology investments and extending how we better enable our clinicians. It’s a real game changer for our team.”

Dr. Amy Moss, SVP of Hospice Clinical Operations
What impact and return on investment can nVoq enable for your agency?
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