Not your typical Start Up

We’ve been around for 20 years

Our founder and CEO, Charles Corfield is an ultra-runner…and he takes the same approach to building nVoq…slow, steady, and focused. You can rarely see the finish line when you start but you know where you are going and you are ready for the journey.

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Focused on a greater good

We help make clinicians’ lives easier.

Our focus is reducing time spent at a keyboard and more time spent with people. Effectively, we help increase the human touch in situations where they are most needed. We help doctors and clinicians spend more time with patients and less time typing notes.


Not VC funded

We are privately funded via a select few individuals. This gives us some unique cultural perspectives. Rather than artificial milestones set by investors, nVoq sets its milestones based on the market, our client feedback, and reality. This gives us a few advantages:

We don’t hire and fire based on made up unrealistic milestones.

Most VC funded companies are asked to hit certain milestones (whether they are realistic or not) forcing companies to rapidly add people in the “hopes” they can hit them. If they don’t hit them, the money goes away and massive layoffs occur. We don’t do that. We hire when we need people and focus on our culture and infrastructure to make sure people feel supported, developed, and connected to our purpose.

We work with a quiet urgency.

Because we are not pressured towards unrealistic targets, we don’t work at an unrealistic pace. This allows our team to learn from each other and focus on quality delivery, usable code, useful processes, and evolving in our careers.

We focus on what matters.

We operate like a true business that requires revenue and, eventually, profit to be sustainable. As a result, we focus on the things that matter long term. Sure, we have snacks, good benefits, employee ownership, and company events but we don’t hide an unhealthy place to work with window dressing.

Behaviors We Value


Trust Each Other. We trust that you are always trying to do a good job. We expect you to experiment with new ideas and trust the intention is always to help move us forward. We expect you to trust each other in their roles as you are trusted in yours. When concerns are expressed, they are done so respectfully and not judgmentally. Trust is given, not earned.


Be Reasonable. Communicate with each other in a way that passes the “reasonable person” test. We do not shout, abuse one another, or intimidate (explicitly or implicitly.) When you communicate, be respectful, be courteous, and refrain from sarcasm, snark, or ad-hominem attacks. Respect is given, not earned.


Honor Differences. It’s okay to disagree but do so in line with being reasonable in your communication. We work out disagreements one-on-one. If you need someone to break a tie, escalate one level up or find a neutral party to help. We do not skip levels to get what we want, and we do not build alliances. Differences are honored, disagreements are discussed, and discord is facilitated.


Take Accountability. If you see something that needs to be done, do it. If you think something needs to be tried, try it. If you make a mistake, own it. If you are running behind, communicate. We miss 100% of the shots we don’t take, and everyone can make a difference and add value. We don’t let fear or making a mistake prevent us from trying something new.


Keep It Simple and Stable (KISS). Don’t overcomplicate things. If it isn’t simple, it isn’t done. Build something, measure it, improve it, and repeat. We strive for the simple things that “just work” when you need them to. Functional is better than flashy. Do what is necessary to move forward, even if it is just a little bit.


Focus on Solutions, not Blame. Pointing fingers is easy but it doesn’t get you anywhere. At nVoq we face challenges and make mistakes like anyone else, but rather than spend time and energy figuring out who was to blame, we focus on solving the problem and researching how to prevent a similar mistake in the future. We focus on the situation, not the person.


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