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Over the last decade, we have worked to develop the fastest, most accurate, and most reliable dictation in the industry. Leveraging the latest advancements in machine learning and scalable cloud architecture, nVoq’s speaker-independent medical dictation service delivers just that – fast and accurate dictation. And, with our API, we enable you to bring the benefits of speech to your customers through your applications. Speed, efficiency, accuracy, and job satisfaction are just a few of the things we know a speech enabled application provides. But, delivering an enterprise solution requires more than just great speech recognition.

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IT environments are more complicated than ever. In-house data centers, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, the server under Jane’s desk, and all the variations in-between create complexity before even a single application is provisioned. Then the work begins. Applications are deployed locally, SaaS applications are configured, systems are integrated, data is moved in real-time to enable business and only slightly slower to enable reporting and analytics. Users are created in directory services and permissions administered to make sure everyone can only create, read, update, and delete data as required. In healthcare and finance, this last step is a critical component of data security and privacy. In large organizations that often grow through acquisition, provisioning and deprovisioning users with the appropriate configuration and access presents quite a challenge. And, despite the grumbling and undercurrents of frustration, we all know this is somewhat unavoidable. System complexity typically reflects business complexity. And with a few exceptions, the complexity is unavoidable. It is simply something to be managed. Your speech solution should complement this process and make it easier.

What must be available in a speech solution API to facilitate enterprise deployment? Assuming great accuracy, performance, and availability, we can start with a few basic functions. The API should allow modeling of organizational structure and provisioning of users in bulk according to that structure. To prevent repetitive error prone manual work, one should be able to administer common speech customization for a hierarchy of users. For example, all the users at the clinic on Trumbull Avenue in Albuquerque need to have Trumbull added to their custom vocabulary. And, perhaps all the users at all the clinics in the southwest and central regions need to have Trumbull in their vocabulary as well. This should be administered once for all - programmatically. An enterprise-class API should also support standards-based authentication and authorization to accommodate the variety of ways organizations manage identity. It should enable the ongoing administration and monitoring of administrative activity as well as transaction data according to the organizational structure and separation of duties. This is just the beginning. nVoq’s speech API has developed over years of deploying our solution into the most demanding IT environments, delivering these and many other features you need to speech enable your enterprise application

We provide easy programmatic access to great dictation. But, we also provide the features you need to speech-enable an enterprise application without re-implementing user management, configuration, persistence, customization, etc. PCI-DSS and SOC 2 certification, HIPAA compliance, and geographic redundancy help us provide these enterprise-class functions with world-class security and reliability.

Lastly, our RESTful API will almost certainly work with your environment. Whether you are writing C# on Windows, Swift on iOS, or Go on Linux, our API will work for you.

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