Are your Home Healthcare clinicians frustrated with the amount of time spent on patient charting?

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As a critical care nurse, I recall how frustrating it was to work my tail off, for a 12-hour shift, only to discover that I still had to spend another few hours completing my patient charting. Sound familiar? We have heard a lot about how doctors have struggled with adopting electronic health records (EHR) and I know first-hand how challenging it can be for nurses, too.  We are now seeing these very same documentation challenges emerge in home healthcare.
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Chad Hiner, RN, MS, Executive Director, Healthcare


If past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, then the time is now to support home healthcare clinicians before frustration sets in.  The turnover rate amongst home healthcare clinicians is staggering, and the financial impact of having to hire, train, and support new staff can be crippling for home healthcare agencies. The burden on home healthcare clinicians is likely to get worse, with the changes in the CMS payment model, before it gets better.
One suggestion: Make sure clinicians have easy access to technology that can help make their job easier. Chad Hiner, Vice President - Customer Experience
One example is the use of HIPAA compliant speech recognition, to be used with the EHR either on tablets or laptops.

This simple addition could help them enter clinical information into patients’ records much faster and with greater accuracy - boosting productivity, improving quality, and reducing frustration.

HIPAA compliant speech recognition used to be reserved for doctors. This was based mostly on cost and the traditional office setting of many physicians. Fast forward to 2020 and HIPAA compliant speech recognition is now affordable, secure, and available for mobile clinicians serving patients in their homes.

With staffing and retention a top priority for most organizations, why not provide your clinicians with the tools necessary to complete their documentation in the most accurate and efficient manner, while reducing overall documentation time and giving clinicians time back in their day.

Happy clinicians = happy customers!

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