Optimize emergency room workflow

Concentrate on patients, not on the computer


With SayIt, emergency room doctors can easily dictate right into the EHR, and tell a better patient story.

Impact of SayIt at Hamilton Medical Center

  • Documentation completed up to 50% faster

  • 15-20% fewer typographical errors

  • Improved patient narrative quality

Our EHR Compatibility List
“My colleagues and I are thrilled with SayIt from nVoq! It has proven to be much more efficient and accurate than traditional typing, and I love the ability to document in greater detail in less time.” Dr. Jonathan Thompson MD, Emergency Department Medical Director, Hamilton Medical Center – Dalton, GA


“I need to rapidly document pertinent clinical information in the patient's chart in a manner that is succinct and meaningful rather than generic, imprecise and cookie cutter. nVoq's SayIt has allowed me to solve these problems in a very elegant manner. I can access my speech profile from any internet connected PC. SayIt does precisely what software should do: lets me concentrate more on the patient and less on the computer.”Jeffrey C. Gersbach MD, Emergency Physician and Founder and CEO of Medamation Inc.
“It is obviously much quicker to speak than to type when performing data entry, but, also it is much less distracting mentally than trying to navigate all the cumbersome pieces of current day EHRs. Free text/speech is really important to impart the right 'flavor' I need to deliver a clinical note that has some value. The mobility aspect of delivering care is still a 'work in progress' (due to EHR and device issues), but I have found SayIt to be quite valuable to perform data entry tasks at the bedside that previously weren't practical. As hardware improves (specifically tablets), I am seeing great promise to achieve the mobility I need using SayIt.” Thomas Lang MD, ABIM, BCEM - Emergency Physician