Pump up your reporting volume

Reduce documentation time by up to 50%

SayIt follows you wherever you need to work. One account. One version. Nothing to sync or get corrupted. Cloud-based convenience at its best.

Why SayIt?

Compatible with any RIS or Pacs

Easy to use

Easy to deploy for remote users

Includes all RSNA templates - or build your own!

Our EHR Compatibility List

Radiology Information System (RIS) vendors - we're everything friendly.

• TeleRad 360
• OnePacs
• RadNet
• RapidRad
• Novarad
• RamSoft

“I needed a system that would work across multiple platforms, including cloud-based programs and also work on multiple computers: fixed towers, laptops, and both Windows and Mac OS without being charged separately for each installation or having to install separately and maintain on separate computers and programs as I would have had to do with Dragon. That SayIt has and learns medical-specific terminology is also quite helpful. My practice is diagnostic radiology, and specifically breast imaging including mammography, breast Ultrasound, and breast MRI, the latter having very specific terminology that is rather unique. I have been very pleased with SayIt and have found it to be an economical solution for my practice. I also use it in conjunction with an invention of mine that is in the marketplace known as Ikonopedia - a reporting and data tracking program for breast imaging based upon GUI icons, but also benefiting from the flexibility of targeted dictation, which SayIt seamlessly provides. I have recommended and will continue to recommend SayIt to others.”Michael J. Vendrell MD, President Advanced Breast Imaging & Intervention, LLC