Dolbey Fusion Narrate, powered by nVoq, receives the highest user score in new KLAS 2020 report.

Dolbey is a leading provider of cloud- and premise-based speech recognition solutions for healthcare, with two premier speech recognition products – Fusion Narrate® powered by nVoq™ and Fusion SpeechEMR® powered by SpeechMagic™. In the Speech Recognition: Front-End EMR Segment Highlight report, Fusion Narrate received the highest overall score and Fusion SpeechEMR was rated third, below M*Modal® Fluency Direct™.

KLAS Research is a healthcare information technology data and insights company providing the industry with accurate, honest and impartial research on the software and services used by providers and payers worldwide. KLAS collects thousands of evaluations from healthcare providers to rate vendors across several categories. In June, KLAS released its detailed Speech Recognition: Front-End EMR Segment Highlight. The report compares front-end EMR speech recognition options from Dolbey, Nuance®, and 3M (M*Modal®) complete with scores and ratings in categories such as product, value, relationship and operations.

“Delivering quality products to the healthcare market with higher customer satisfaction has always been the goal at Dolbey and Company” said Bob Leslie, Dolbey and Company Senior Vice President and General Manager. “We are very pleased to receive straight-A ratings from our customers for both of our speech recognition applications. Along with excellent speech recognition, our Fusion Narrate cloud application has brought new navigational tools that allow physicians and other healthcare providers to quickly maneuver in their EHR, thereby reducing clicks and significantly decreasing documentation time.” 

Dolbey’s cloud-based solution, Fusion Narrate, has been tested for compatibility with nearly 100 EHRs and can natively interoperate with most healthcare applications, with no integration required. Fusion SpeechEMR, Dolbey’s premise-based front-end speech recognition solution, is designed to integrate with all major LIS and Digital Pathology systems without the need for interfaces. Both Fusion Narrate and Fusion SpeechEMR can be used to reduce transcription costs and minimize clicks and keystrokes, freeing up providers to focus more on the patient and less on documentation. 

Visit the KLAS Speech Recognition – Front-End EMR market segment for a comparison and full breakdown of available front-end EMR speech recognition options. 

About Dolbey

Dolbey’s award-winning healthcare suite of solutions improve productivity while delivering better documentation, improving patient care. Since 1914, Dolbey has consistently evolved its products, incorporating the latest technologies available to meet the demands of the healthcare community. Today, Dolbey’s suite of products includes speech recognition (premise or cloud-based), CAPD, CDI, CAC, transcription and dictation. To learn more about Dolbey’s front-end speech recognition software for EMRs, visit

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KLAS is a data-driven company on a mission to improve the world’s healthcare by enabling provider and payer voices to be heard and counted. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals, KLAS collects insights on software, services and medical equipment to deliver reports, trending data and statistical overviews. KLAS data is accurate, honest and impartial. The research directly reflects the voice of healthcare professionals and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. To learn more about KLAS and the insights it provides, visit

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