nVoq, Incorporated Announces a Strategic Partnership with HealthRev Partners – Enhancing In-Home Healthcare Documentation and Revenue Security.

Boulder, CO, November 28, 2023 – nVoq, Incorporated (nVoq), the industry leader for speech-to-text capabilities within in-home healthcare, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with HealthRev Partners, experts in outsourced coding, OASIS review, and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).

“nVoq's speech recognition offerings with Note Assist real-time and batch review are transforming in-home healthcare documentation and revenue security. We are thrilled to partner with nVoq and demonstrate for our clients the latest collaborative innovations in the field.”
Michael Greenlee, Founder and CEO at HealthRev Partners

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the in-home healthcare industry. It combines HealthRev Partners' expertise in post-acute billing with nVoq's innovative speech recognition platform to streamline the capture and enhance the quality of patient documentation while ensuring end-to-end revenue security. By ensuring secure, HIPAA-compliant, accurate, high-quality documentation and review capability at the point of care, nVoq not only improves the clinician documentation experience, but also ensures the high level of documentation quality required to support revenue security.

“Our collaboration with HealthRev Partners showcases the impact of coupling high-quality documentation capture and review at the point of care, with downstream reimbursement processing and revenue protection.” said Debbi Gillotti, Chief Operating Officer at nVoq. “Together, we empower in-home healthcare providers with the technology to improve documentation quality, enhance workflow, and optimize RCM.”

The effectiveness of this partnership is anchored in nVoq's substantial impact on documentation quality upstream. The quality of documentation is pivotal not only for patient care but also for maintaining financial health where inadequate documentation results in significant backlogs in revenue cycles particularly when organizations depend on manual auditing. nVoq's Note Assist, offering both real-time and batch review, tackles this issue head-on by enhancing the accuracy and completeness of initial patient records.

The improvement in documentation quality complements the foundation of HealthRev's revenue cycle management solution. The integration of nVoq's innovative technology with HealthRev's services creates a relationship that boosts the efficiency of the revenue cycle, ensuring comprehensive documentation integrity and secure protection of revenue.

Through this partnership, clinicians and staff can concentrate on patient care, as nVoq's speech recognition solution and HealthRev Partners’ services work together to reduce costs, decrease burnout, and enhance the overall patient experience.

For more information about this partnership and the services offered by HealthRev Partners and nVoq, please visit nVoq's website or contact Kristen Ayers, Director of Marketing, at Kristen.Ayers@nvoq.com, 866.383.4500

About nVoq

nVoq, Incorporated, headquartered in Boulder, CO, provides HIPAA-compliant, SaaS-based speech recognition to the healthcare industry, with a strategic emphasis on the post-acute care segment. nVoq’s platform supports both mobile and office-based clinicians in capturing patient narratives at the point of care to expediate high-quality documentation, simplify coding, and streamline reimbursement. For more information, visit www.nvoq.com

About HealthRev Partners

HealthRev Partners is a trusted leader in outsourced coding, OASIS review, and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. The company specializes in optimizing billing processes, ensuring compliance, and improving revenue security in the home health, hospice, and palliative care space. For more information, visit healthrevpartners.com.