nVoq is excited to bring innovative medical speech recognition technology to our partnership with Suki.

Boulder, CO – November 17, 2021

nVoq, the leader in medically accurate speech recognition is honored to announce its partnership with Suki, an industry leader in voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology for health care, as the two organizations continue to provide cutting-edge capabilities designed around the needs of physicians and their specialized medical vocabulary. The partnership will leverage nVoq’s innovative technology platform to supplement Suki’s scalable user-friendly speech recognition solution.

A recent survey suggests that 36% of healthcare organizations are looking to NLP to improve everything from point-of-care physician workflows to consumer interactions. The partnership between nVoq and Suki will provide greater value to enterprise health systems by improving clinical workflows, relieving physician burnout, and helping doctors remain focused on delivering high quality care.

“By partnering with nVoq, we can relieve the massive amount of administrative workload that is placed on physicians,” said Jallel Harrati, SVP of Sales for Suki. “From the start, Suki’s mission has been to lift that burden from doctors and help with physician burnout. With medically accurate speech recognition from nVoq, Suki can accomplish that goal even more quickly.”

“Suki is well positioned to address the increasing challenges that face physicians.” said Debbi Gillotti, Chief Operating Officer of nVoq. “We greatly appreciate the innovative partnership between Suki and nVoq and look forward to continuing to empower doctors to deliver the best in care.”

nVoq’s state-of-the-art dictation solutions enable physicians to quickly and accurately capture medically relevant narratives at the point of care. Suki Assistant harnesses advanced NLP and machine learning algorithms and architecture to deliver an accurate and responsive experience for physician documentation and other administrative tasks.

About Suki

Suki is a leading technology company that provides AI-powered voice solutions for healthcare. Its mission is to reimagine the healthcare tech stack, making it invisible and assistive to lift the administrative burden from physicians. Its flagship product is Suki Assistant, an AI-powered, voice enabled digital assistant that helps physicians complete documentation and other administrative tasks 76% faster on average. Suki also offers its proprietary voice platform, Suki Speech Service, to partners who want to create a best-in-class voice experience for their solutions. Suki Speech Service uses the latest in natural language processing and machine learning to provide industry-leading accuracy and natural and fast voice experience. Suki is backed by premier investors such as Venrock, First Round, Flare Capital Partners, and Breyer Capital. To learn more, visit suki.ai, or follow us on AngelList, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About nVoq

nVoq Incorporated, headquartered in Boulder, CO, provides HIPAA-compliant SaaS-based speech recognition to the healthcare industry, with a strategic emphasis on the post-acute care segment. nVoq’s platform supports both mobile and office-based clinicians in capturing patient narratives at the point of care to expedite high-quality documentation, simplify coding, and streamline reimbursement cycles.


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Director of Marketing



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