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A partnership to help bring more technology solutions to the future of in-home healthcare.

Maxwell Healthcare Associates is the leading post-acute consulting firm in the healthcare industry and is now a value-added reseller for nVoq Incorporated. MHA’s post-acute provider toolkit will enable agencies to more effectively navigate the demand for high-quality documentation amid wide-spread staffing shortages.

MHA’s reach and influence within the post-acute space is expansive, and its unique ability to connect industry partners with strategic solutions as a value-added reseller for nVoq’s speech recognition platform is advantageous to the industry. MHA and nVoq will provide value to the industry as they empower clinicians with a secure and efficient way to document.

Jennifer Maxwell, discusses the challenges in the industry and how nVoq addresses them.


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Annual Savings Realized: $[item-13_price]

Number of clinicians using nVoq Speech Recognition Solutions : [item-172_quantity]

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National Average Annual Salary$71,000

Assumed Burden Rate (e.g. benefits, etc…): 1.32

Productive Weeks per Year: 48

Hours Worked per Week: 40

Days Worked per Week: 5

Patient Visits per Day: 6

Reduced Documentation Time per Visit: 5 min.

Proven Savings

Number of Clinicians using nVoq: [item-172_quantity]

Fully Burdened Clinician/Annually: $[item-16_price]

Cost per Minute: $[item-17_price]

Minutes Saved per Week per Clinician: 150 min.

Savings Value Realized per Week: $[item-14_price]

ANNUAL SAVINGS: $[item-13_price]



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Improving productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.

What sets our speech recognition solutions apart?

Built for Home Health & Hospice Markets

nVoq is the industry leader in PAC, offering unsurpassed accuracy and seamless integration across key EHR vendors, and proven customer outcomes.


HIPAA compliant, secure, cloud-based, and highly accurate.

We understand the unique challenges of home health and hospice as well as the broader needs of healthcare organizations.

Accessible on a tablet or PC, and at an affordable cost.

nVoq is the clear choice for the interdisciplinary caregiver teams that collaborate to provide hospice and home healthcare.
I do 80% to 90% of the documentation in the home and then finish as soon as I get into my car.  It has cut my documentation time down by at least 30 minutes. I am a big fan now!
Home Health R.N. (nVoq User)

When documentation becomes communication, everyone benefits

Saving time is important, but patient care is also impacted by the timeliness of documentation. Documentation quality consistently improves because of the benefits of speech recognition, but completing the documentation earlier enables the positive downstream impact of that valuable information as it is shared among the interdisciplinary care team.

What the physicians write in their narrative is critical to every other aspect of what follows downstream with the patient record. It significantly impacts the patient’s care, so being able to demonstrate an improvement in the actual body of the language that was used by our physicians was particularly important to our team at Amedisys.
VP and Executive Medical Director (nVoq User)

Narrative notes are abundant across health care at home

Narrative notes appear so often in the clinician workflow. Whether you are an MD, RN, PT, OT, ST, NP, SW, or even chaplain, the ability to capture notes efficiently and with greater ease is extremely important. Our mission is to be the partner that guides home health and hospice organizations on a journey from keyboards and typing to a new way to capture the patient story that improves communication, and closes the gaps between caregiving, revenue, and clinician satisfaction.

When asked what advice she would give others considering implementing speech-to-text, McClanahan’s answer was simple: “Don’t wait, Do it.”
RN and Hospice Assistant Administrator (nVoq User)

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