Giving Providers What They Want – Save $ and Improve Satisfaction with SayIt Transcription Assist

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With the advent of the EMR, providers are doing more and more with regard to patient data input. From a provider perspective, additional time spent in front of a computer means less time working with patients.

Real-time (or “front-end”) speech recognition at the point of care has made some providers more efficient, but it’s not a universal solution. Whether it’s the time required to learn the system, specialized workflow needs or their unique speech patterns, many providers are just not a good fit for front-end speech recognition. When they don’t have another option, frustration ensues.

The EMR Journey to Optimization and Innovation

Chad Hiner, RN, MS, Executive Director, Healthcare Healthcare Leave a Comment

It is well known in the electronic medical record (EMR) journey that there is a tangible difference between EMR implementation and EMR adoption. The implementation phase, a well-defined, subsidized, singular event, has been compared to a wedding: while significant, it’s not necessarily predictive of the long-term outcome. The adoption phase, in contrast, is rarely defined, difficult to measure and requires a level of engagement and commitment that is often overlooked.

Drive Even More Value from Your EMR with SayIt 9.3 Your Healthcare Speech Recognition Solution

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When I talk to clinicians about SayIt, they’re often skeptical at first. “Nothing can make my EMR easier to use,” is a common response. So when they see that SayIt is more than a tool for dictation—that it includes easy-to-use shortcuts and tools to automate EMR macros, populate templates, and maneuver between applications—they get very excited.