You’ve got a good radiology solution. Here’s how to make it great.

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Speech recognition or “VR” (voice recognition), as it is commonly referred to, is a tool that has been widely adopted by those in the medical industry, especially radiologists. At a bare minimum, speech recognition improves the quality of reports produced while also dramatically reducing the time needed to create them. This allows for greater throughput, faster turnaround times, and increased patient satisfaction.

This is all well and good, but radiologists expect and deserve more!

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Conversion of speech-to-text is quickly becoming a commodity - the accuracy is amazing - but what impact does it really have on workflow? Radiologists expect an easy to use, simple interface with built in templates, macros, and voice navigation commands with the option of hands-free input. And, they want all this functionality to reside within their current Radiology Information System (RIS), not within a separate report generating product that monopolizes local computing resources and has a complicated interface.

What they really want, and need, is the ability to use VR with their current customized templates and macros to quickly produce a report. Simple, accurate and no hassle. They deserve a truly integrated speech recognition solution where the radiologist can dictate directly into the RIS while simultaneously scrolling and manipulating images.

Radiologists have always been at the forefront of technology innovation in healthcare. One reason is the availability of robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) developed by companies like nVoq that simplify and streamline the reporting process.

This is where nVoq’s SayIt Speech Recognition platform, developed by some of the brightest engineers in the industry, comes into play. Radiology specific language modeling and lexicons are all hosted in a secure cloud with easy to use APIs. The advantages of the SayIt platform for developers include:

  • Secure hosting compliant with HIPAA and Canadian privacy standards
  • Clearly-documented APIs
  • No-fee developer sandbox and demo accounts
  • Robust dictation and automation capabilities
  • Self-guided onboarding
  • Expert product and clinician support

Radiologists lead the way when it comes to clinical documentation and workflow efficiency. Isn’t it time to give them the leading-edge technology they want, with the security and support they deserve? Talk to us about how we can help…

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