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Leigh-Ann Renz - Marketing & Business Development Director

We’ve always provided integrated speech recognition to our PIMSY clients; however, when we discovered that SayIt® from nVoq offers a more streamlined, affordable and easy-to-use speech recognition option, we of course wanted to offer our customers an enhanced product.

Reciprocally, we’ve been able to help nVoq build their mental + behavioral health care “topic”, meaning that SayIt contains the vocabulary and phraseology that’s typical of our industry. You don’t have to teach it how providers and clinicians speak.As a provider, you get the best of both worlds: comprehensive, flexible and affordable EHR – seamlessly integrated with intuitive speech recognition. This combination of PIMSY + SayIt makes you more efficient, increasing your effectiveness as a clinician.

Why Speech Recognition for Mental Health + Substance Usage?

Why should you consider SayIt? Practices utilize speech recognition software for a number of reasons:
– document your clinical notes 2-3 times faster and spend more focused time with your clients
– it gives them more flexibility in when and where they complete session notes
– it can assist with physical limitations such as carpal tunnel or clinicians with disabilities
– it gives them the ability to focus on their client instead of typing
– it can make a provider more efficient in completing necessary documentation
– it can provide workflow automation for standard practice protocols

How Does It Work?

Because SayIt is seamlessly integrated with PIMSY, it intuitively recognizes the data fields you’re already used to populating: in the progress note, assessment note, treatment plan, mental status exam, and much more.

Providers are often frustrated by how much technology is built for general medicine but doesn’t take into consideration their unique needs. The SayIt behavioral health topic is built specifically by and for clinicians, so it encapsulates the nuances of mental health mental health + addiction treatment.

What’s In It For Me?

With PIMSY + SayIt from nVoq, you get:
> 99% accuracy speech recognition with no voice profile training
> speaker independent software
> simple set-up that allows you to start dictating within 5 minutes
> Cloud-based: zero based foot print
> HIPAA-compliant speech recognition software that helps keep your practice + client data secure

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