Cocoa is for Coders (SayIt 11.2 is here!)

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The nVoq elves (developers) have been keeping very busy practicing their ABC’s (Always Be Coding) and preparing for the most wonderful time of the year: a new SayIt release. The 11.2 release has some fantastic new features you’re going to love. Here are just a few:

Faster, More Accurate Dictation
Our developers have done a lot of work “behind the scenes” to get SayIt to produce substantially faster and more accurate dictation results across all topics. Be sure to check it out!

New Fast Dictation Configuration
A new account setting in SayIt Administrator, “Fast Dictation” lets you try a beta version of our next generation dictation service, which delivers even faster dictation. Try it out yourself and see what you think!

New Dictation Topics
Two new dictation topics, Pathology and Veterinary, are available now.

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Support for macOS Sierra
SayIt is now tested and approved for use on the latest Mac operating system, macOS Sierra (version 10.12).

Support for PowerMic 3
We’ve added a new microphone, the PowerMic 3, to our arsenal of recording devices. Be sure to check out the Audio Guide for more information about using that mic with SayIt. There’s also been a button mapping change on the PowerMic 2 to match its newer sibling: the button used to open Select and Say or to accept a Select and Say transcript has changed to the checkmark button. This is the same as on the PowerMic 3.

Shortcut Running Message
Users who run long keyboard automation shortcuts will see a message appear on their desktop that tells them there is a shortcut running. This message will (hopefully) minimize the possibility of a keyboard automation failing due to user interruption by moving the mouse cursor or switching the focus of windows before the automation is completed. (It also includes a Stop button to give the user the ability to stop the automation, if necessary.)

Vocabulary Updated Immediately
When vocabulary terms are added for an organization in SayIt Administrator (either as an individual term or by uploading a spreadsheet), user accounts are now updated with the new terms immediately instead of overnight.

Add Another Link in Vocabulary
A new link on the Add Vocabulary page in SayIt Administrator lets you add more than one single vocabulary term at a time. Since words are now updated in user accounts immediately, adding vocabulary terms will take a little longer than it did before. Use this feature to load all the single terms you want to add before clicking the “Save” button (so you’ll only have to wait once).

Action Button Runs Keyboard Automations
In the Shortcut Designer, you can now configure the Action Button (which can be added to HTML Automations) to run Keyboard Automations, in addition Workflow or other HTML Automations.

Usernames Added to Account Notification Menu
The account menu on the Account Notification page now includes usernames in the list. The Accounts drop-down menu previously only listed first and last name, which was a problem if two users in a group had the same name. Problem solved.

Standard Dictation Engine Retired

The Standard dictation engine has been retired. All dictation users were already migrated over to the Enhanced dictation engine months ago, so your dictation and shortcuts will not be affected by this. However, several pages that were only used for the Standard engine have been removed from SayIt Administrator, including: the Profile Summary report, the Manage Profiles page, the Profile Samples page, and the Topic page. Additionally, some dictation configuration settings on the Group level Organizations page have been removed.

Upgrade Schedule
These changes are available now on the evaluation system and on the Canada system. The Healthcare system is scheduled to be updated on Tuesday, December 13th, followed by the Secure system on Thursday, December 15th.
Eval = Available NOW
Canada = Available NOW
Healthcare = Upgraded 12/13/2016
Secure = Upgraded 12/15/2016

For More Information
For more information about new and changed features in 11.2 and learn more about each one, take a look at

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